Safety Plan

Thu. August 31, 2017
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Raw text: https://pastebin.com/raw/FX5v9zQX

Here are the things in my safety plan:

Food/drink/meds/sleep check – have I been giving my body the things it needs for me to feel ok?

Improving my environment, either by leaving or by cleaning, fixing, decorating

Doing something I’m good at that makes me feel competent and/or in control (painting, music, crafts, caring for pets/plants, organizing things, etc)

Waiting out urges with mindful breathing (sounds hokey but in general many urges dissipate within a few minutes if attention is placed elsewhere-otherwise rumination resets the clock every few seconds)

Self-soothing using senses: smells, music, flavors, candles, textures (gum, incense, chocolate, coffee, applying perfume, or I also carry around a bit of antler and a rough chunk of obsidian to look at and feel)

Distraction with games, music, podcasts, books, movies

Putting on my running shoes or workout clothes, even if I know I won’t go for a walk/run/whatever.

Going outside. A coffee shop and back, or even my front step, just to confirm that the sky is still generally up.

Making near-future plans: (buying concert tickets, setting up a time to see someone, ordering something exciting from Etsy or wherever, as long as I will take a few days to arrive)

Doing something new, like finding a new shop or restaurant, trying out a new hobby or thing I want to learn, or going to a party I normally wouldn’t

Saying to myself, out loud, “Thoughts are thoughts, not facts. Thoughts do not dictate my actions. I have the power to feel sad and do {thing I don’t want to do that I think could help improve my situation} at the same time.”

Mindfulness : paying attention to the present moment, on purpose, without judgement. Mindfulness is not always being present, it’s the exercise becoming present, knowing my mind will fly away and that I will bring it back over and over again.

  • Being mindful in everyday things. “Just put the shampoo in the hair. What does that feel/sound/smell like?”
  • Planned mindfulness: Magic/ritual/prayer

Calling bff, partner(s), or family member, someone important to me

I also have a list of things I know I like doing that I wrote on a day when I felt ok, so I commit myself to trying everything on that list, even if I know it won’t help.

I’m not a therapist, these are just things that work for me. I hope something in here sounds useful to you.

Consider writing a safety plan of your own: three or more things you can do on your own, two or more people (and/or hotlines) you can call, with phone numbers listed.

This is a contract you make with yourself (and also maybe someone you trust, if that works for you); things you promise to do before acting on suicidal or self-harm ideation.

You got this. 💜